Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Premam - A Special Show

Premam - One of my most favorite movies of all time I swear. You can even check my four most favorite movies in my My friends at Kone and my old roommates know how much I was obsessed with this movie. I kinda singlehandedly made most of my colleagues to watch it at least once there.

I ended up watching it six times in the theatre, but those were the times I didn't have any Premam in my life. And, I was like if only I can watch this with someone special in my life. But, it was a lost opportunity. Even though it ran over 200 days here I kept watching it with my "pasanga" gang only.

Then came this fantastic opportunity to relive it again on big screen in this month of February, the month of love. I never thought this day would come in my life for a special show of a special movie with my special person. So, I didn't want to miss it and booked the tickets right away once it got opened. And, I was so excited as if I'm going to watch FDFS of some the most expected movie and a little nervous too since I want her to like this as well. I've created so much hype. Now, all that left was to make it on time and hope it will live up to the expectations I've created.

And, after some little hurdle, we did make it on time. There was actually only a fewer number of couples compared to the "pasanga" gangs, but the screen was 90% occupied. The crowd was mostly silent until the beat of "Kalippu" started. Easily the best transformation from a school kid to a college student in cinema. And, from then on there were whistles and hoots which gave goosebumps. And, no need to mention the reception Malar got even now, which was more than the hero Nivin himself.

It was all nostalgic, to see Shambu, Koya, Mava, Shivam master, etc and each and every character right from the start till the end. All I want is to watch the movie with the director once again and ask every silly question that comes to mind to him. And, finally ask him about his next, each and every one involved in that movie have done many movies already.

So, I was enjoying it as usual, as if I am watching it for the first time. But, the most important part was to know how she feels watching all this. Throughout the movie, I kept throwing all the trivia I know about the movie and about every character in the movie. And, from time to time I kept looking at her face to know the reaction and the mood of her. And, I think she did the same once Malar appeared on the screen, I hope I kept a straight face.

At the end of the movie, just like any movie in the MCU, asked her to wait till the mid-credit scene. And, when I came out asked her "Epdi?" "Is it worth all the hype I created?" Waiting to know the answer, as if I made the movie. I am so relieved that she liked the movie and understood all the hype I've created. Thank you Luxe Cinemas for making this happen.

A special movie's special show made even more special since I watched it with the most special person in my life. Finally, an achievement unlocked, which I never expected to happen.

Now, if only I get to watch my other favorite movie Minnale again with her on a big screen again.